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F*ckup evening YAN

When:Mo 25-11-2019 19:00 - 21:30
Where:Groningen, Van Swinderen Huys

On Monday evening, 25 November, three entrepreneurial alumni will share their own fuckup story with you. A failure related to their career that almost ruined their business or career. They get 10 minutes to share their failures and next it’s your turn to share your story about failure.

Who are these alumni who share their failures?

  • Sieger Dijkstra, MSc Business Economics. Sieger is director and owner of Soleila.
  • Yvonne van der Woude, MSc Law, co owner Bandit and Wiepkje de Groot, MSc International Business, co owner Bandit.

Why this F*ckup Evening?

  • In general we hear success stories. However, often the biggest failures lie behind these successes.
  • The bigger the failure, the greater the lesson
  • New method of networking. Instead of selling yourself by pretending to be more in a one minute pitch, you connect by sharing your best failure.

Interested? Buy a ticket
It will cost you only €7,50. Coffee, one drink and some snacks are included

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