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Alumni circle The Hague & Rotterdam Meeting

When:Mo 11-06-2018 18:00 - 21:00
Where:Millenium Tower, Rotterdam

Spectacular views and neighbors from hell at HAL Investments

On June 11, HAL Investment welcomed 60 UG alumni at its head office in the 131-meter-high millennium tower in Rotterdam. Those present were not only treated to interesting lectures, but also to a breath-taking view of the city of Rotterdam. The party continued with a lovely reception at the Marriott Hotel’s bar, which is also located in the tower. The alumni Patrick Jager and Jaap van Wiechen, both executives at the Rotterdam investment company HAL Investments, answered key questions from alumni after their presentation, including questions about the investment policy of HAL Investments. Among other things, HAL focuses on the large increase in capital available within private equity and it tries to distinguish itself with its clear vision for the future in this competitive field. Did you know that there are four UG alumni in the five-member board of HAL Investments, namely: Patrick Jager, Jaap van Wiechen, Wouter Wolffenbuttel, and Gerben van de Rozenberg?

During his lecture, prof. dr. Michel Vols explained the connection between aso-villages, big data, and ‘cuddling’ in court. In addition, he spoke about the relationship between local Rotterdam politics and American solutions for, as he calls then, ‘neighbors from hell.’ Inspired by prof. dr. Vols, on July 1 a new law on tackling house-related crime has been written, which gives city mayors the opportunity to offer home owners advice about ‘neighborly’ social behavior.

The meeting, organized by alumni circle The Hague / Rotterdam in collaboration with the University of Groningen, was a success, according to the guests who gave their meaning via our evaluation survey. Additionally, the guests chose 'Sustainable Society' as the most popular subject for an alumni meeting, closely followed by 'Sustainable Energy.'


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