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Name: Defne Alfandari
Country: Turkey
Program: Bachelor Psychology

Defne Alfandari
Defne Alfandari

About studying in Groningen

Why Groningen? Having had a European style education in high-school, I wanted to study BSc Psychology in the English language, in Europe, for a relatively low cost. The University of Groningen was the one that perfectly matched my expectations.

Coming from the metropol of Istanbul, Groningen feels like a magical city that is designed for students to live; hence it's called a student city. Everything you could have in a bigger city, such as concert houses, shopping venues, banks, hotels, art galleries, cinemas, gyms, bars and night clubs, are compactly placed next to old Dutch houses and canals. Historical monuments, such as the Prinsenhof are surrounded by modern buildings, such as those in the Science Park. Best of all is that these locations can all be reached within 15 minutes by bike. Although it is in the very north of the Netherlands, Groningen truly follows global trends. The population is young; almost half of the people you see on the street are probably students from your university.

Courses in the Psychology BSc program are taught by experts in each sub-field. Lectures in big halls are accompanied by practical classes, in which you get individual support. Apart from the excellence in the quality of education, the most important reason why I choose Groningen is its philosophy valuing the interest of each individual student. Anyone with any interest can find a suitable student association, and the curricula of bachelor programs are very flexible. I recommend Groningen to anyone who wants to get an excellent education, but is also willing to explore a different culture in a friendly atmosphere.


Defne Alfandari was born in 1992 in Istanbul. After graduating from the German High School Istanbul, she did her BSc in Psychology at the University of Groningen. During her bachelor she worked as a student mentor and attended the Honors College. She has been an intern at the Heymans Institute, where she helped in experimental research. Apart from her interest in cognitive science, Defne studied the violin as part-time student in the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory in Istanbul. She played in various amateur musical ensembles in Groningen, including the Bragi Student Orchestra
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