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Aletta year: 20 April 2021 – 20 April 2022

UG honours Aletta Jacobs
Aletta Year News

Unveiling of portrait series of professors

02 November 2021
Prof. Clara Mulder (l) and Prof. Gerry Wakker and their portraits in the Senate Room
Prof. Clara Mulder (l) and Prof. Gerry Wakker and their portraits in the Senate Room

On Monday evening, 1 November, a new series of portraits were presented to our University. During this special moment, we celebrated the fact that no fewer than 20 portraits were donated to the UG between 2019 and 2021. Special attention was paid to 11 portraits of female professors, which were added to the Senate Room at the initiative of the Board of the University and the faculties. By giving these professors an extra prominent place, the UG wants to make it clear that it is a university where both men and women excel in their field. In addition, nine professors independently donated their portraits to the UG. Their portraits will hang in the faculty rooms of Medical Sciences, Arts, Economics and Business, and Behavioural and Social Sciences.’

The following professors have been portrayed:

Senate Room, placement 27 October, unveiling 1 November.

  • R.F. Curtain
  • E.M. Kneppers - Heijnert
  • E. J. Korthals Altes
  • C. H. Mulder
  • J. Peijnenburg
  • M.M. Roggenkamp
  • M.P.C. van der Werf
  • M.H. Verspoor
  • C. Vlaskamp
  • G. C. Wakker
  • J. van der Meer - Kooistra

Faculty rooms, unveiling 1 November

  • H.J. Busscher, Faculty of Medical Sciences
  • G.A. Mook, Faculty of Medical Sciences
  • J. Zaagsma, Faculty of Science en Engineering
  • J.L.N. Roodenburg, Faculty of Medical Sciences
  • J.M.M. Hooymans, Faculty of Medical Sciences
  • W.J. Van Bekkum, Faculty of Arts
  • A.J. Van Essen, Faculty of Arts
  • E.J. Knorth, Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences
  • T.J. Wansbeek, Faculty of Economics and Business
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