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Short dental implants

PhD ceremony:Mr F.L. (Felix) Gulje
When:December 17, 2014
Supervisors:prof. dr. H.J.A. (Henny) Meijer, prof. dr. G.M. (Gerry) Raghoebar, prof. dr. A. (Arjan) Vissink
Where:Academy building RUG
Faculty:Medical Sciences / UMCG
Short dental implants

Dental implants are used as carriers for crowns, bridges and dentures with high long-term implant survival and success rates. Situations with inadequate bone for routine implant placement may occur and require surgical reconstruction by bone grafting techniques. Bone grafting procedures are accompanied by more alter effects of the surgery, longer duration of treatment and higher costs to the patient. Applying shorter implants can serve as an alternative procedure if proven as reliable as implants with a regular length (≥ 10-mm). The general aim of this thesis was to assess the performance of short (6-mm) dental implants to retain overdentures and crowns.

First it was assessed whether implants with a length of 6 and 11mm-implants were comparable in patients with adequate bone volume in the upper and lower jaw. Next, studies were designed to assess the performance of 6-mm implants in situations with a limited bone volume. Three studies were conducted, i.e., a study on implant-retained overdentures on 6-mm implants placed in the extremely resorbed mandible, and two studies to assess the efficacy of 6-mm implants as support for crowns in, respectively, the extremely resorbed upper and lower jaw. The 1-year results of these studies indicate that treatment with 6-mm implants indeed provides a stable base for restorations. When favourable results are also found in the long-term, using short implants will reduce the necessity of bone grafting.