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Living near highways

The impact of existing and planned highway infrastructure on residential satisfaction
PhD ceremony:Ms M. (Marije) Hamersma
When:March 16, 2017
Supervisor:prof. dr. E.J.M.M. (Jos) Arts
Co-supervisors:E. Heinen, prof. dr. ir. T. (Taede) Tillema
Where:Academy building RUG
Faculty:Spatial Sciences
Living near highways

Living near a motorway – unremittingly negative, or sometimes positive?

The research by Marije Hamersma has revealed that the general satisfaction of people who live near motorways is rather high. The negative impact of motorways on the satisfaction of residents is mainly dependent on the degree to which the disadvantages are experienced. Residents weigh the negative impact of motorways against the advantages of accessibility and other characteristics of the wider living environment. Hamersma is in favour of a comprehensive view, with room to see the motorway as an aspect of the local spatial environment.

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