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The logo of the University of Groningen

UG logo

The logo of the University of Groningen has several versions. The preferred version is the horizontal logo in the colour red. If this version cannot be used or is not desirable, the vertical version in black or white may be used. In communications sent to international contacts or audiences, the English version of the logo must be used.

The corporate logo can be supplemented by no more than two additional brand elements separated by slashes. This is referred to as the logo banner. To promote the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen/University of Groningen brand, subdivisions of the University are not allowed to use logos of their own.

To project the correct corporate image, it is essential that the logo be used correctly. This includes:

  • in principle using the logo always at the top left;
  • using the logo in its entirety;
  • providing sufficient space around the logo.
Social Media

As the UG logo is not very suitable for social media use, special icons have been created. These icons must be used for all official social media accounts and apps of which the UG or an organizational unit of the UG is the sender. You can find the icons in the social media guidelines (link to My University).

These guidelines have been written to protect the University brand and organization, the staff and the users of social media.

The icons can be found in the logo database .

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