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Downloading the logo

The University of Groningen’s (UG) logo is available via this portal. There is a choice of different file formats, depending on the application involved. To find the required logo, select the following features in the indicated order:

  • UG, faculty or service unit
  • the required colour (red, white, black)
  • the required colour system (CMYK, RGB, PMS)
  • the required file type (EPS, GIF, JPG, PNG).

A brief explanation of these options is given below. If you need to supply a logo to an external party, you can run through these questions with your contact.

Which logo (UG, faculty or service unit)?

This logo database contains both corporate logo files and faculty logo files. If you need a logo bar for a service unit, please contact the house-style coordinator of the service unit in question.

Which colour?

The University of Groningen’s house-style colour is red (see the colour palette for a detailed description of the type of red used). The logo should, preferably, be used in that colour. In some cases that is not possible (for example in black-and-white printed matter, such as advertisements, and when using black-and-white laser printers), so a black variant can also be used. The white variant is intended for use in slides, against a dark background. In the files, the logo appears against a transparent background. For technical reasons, the white variants of the logos are only available as EPS and PNG files.

Which colour system?

  • PMS is used for printed matter (in spot colour)
  • CMYK is used in full-colour printed matter
  • RGB is used for screen applications (website, PowerPoint, MS Office)

Important point concerning the red used in different systems: UG red, the University of Groningen’s house-style colour, is PMS 186C. In CMYK, this colour is translated to 0c100M80y0k. The latter colour differs from the automatic translation used by some programs. In RGB, the definition is R204_G0_B0.

Which file type?

Depending on the application, different file formats must be used. The logo is available in a wide range of file types:

  • EPS: vector files intended for printed matter and lettering, for example. Most members of staff at the University of Groningen do not have the software needed to open these files.
  • GIF and JPG are high-resolution bitmap files. You can use these for display applications and for insertion into MS Office programs.
  • PNG: these files are mainly used for display applications. Vector information is also available in the file, for use with the Fireworks program.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about the use of the logo, or if you need a different file type or a file that uses a different colour system, please contact the Communication Office: tel.: +31 (0)50 3636111 or email:

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