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Principal colour

Whenever possible, ‘RUG red’ (PMS 186) must be used in all University communications. ‘RUG red’ is mainly used as a solid colour but may be used on images in a transparent halftone pattern or shades.

RUG red  

RUG red
RUG red

PMS 186

c0 m100 y80 k0

r204 g0 b0 › CC0000

RAL3020 Traffic red

3M-folie 220-263

Colour systems

The primary and secondary colour palettes have been specified for several colour systems:

  • PMS Pantone for printing in spot colour in one or more print runs
  • CMYK for full-colour printing
  • RGB for screen-viewing applications
  • RAL colours for paintwork
  • 3M Film colours for stickers, etc.


The colours specified have been selected ‘by hand’. They have not been created by means of software conversion. The CMYK value for ‘RUG red’, for example, is different from the value generated by Adobe Photoshop through PMS-CMYK conversion.

If one or more of the colours are used in a non-specified colour system, the PMS value must be approximated as closely as possible.

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