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Staff members with discipline Instruments & Instrumentation

Academia develops at the interface of different fields. This is one reason why the University of Groningen is home to a wide range of fields, each with a great number of subject specialists. The overview below, which is based on a standard categorization of fields, will help you find the right expert for each field. If you cannot find the expert you are looking for in this list, try searching via a related field or faculty; you may find him or her there.

Overview of all disciplines

particle accelerators and ion optics; ionizing radiation (production, detection and shielding)
nuclear physics; radioistotope production
proton radiotherapy
nuclear power; transmutation
Professor Accelerator Physics
Atmospheric measurements of greenhouse gases and related tracers
Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Model simulations
prof. dr. H. (Huilin) Chen

Associate Professor

Research Technician/ Project Leader
Radiation particle cancer therapy, Detectors R&D, Quality Assurance for Radiation particle therapy, Nuclear physics, Nuclear spectroscopy, Astroparticle physics
dr. O. (Oksana) Kavatsyuk

Lecturer and Tutor
Mass Spectrometry , Proteomics, Metabolomics, Accurate MS (HRMS)
(nano)LCMS , HR-MS orbitrapXL/Q-Exactive+, MALDI, Liquid Chromatography-MS (LCMS) related to Proteomics and Metabolomics,  Accurate MS determination.

google scholar profile:
ing. M.P. (Marcel) de Vries
Mass Spectrometry Technician at Department of Pediatrics seconded to Interfaculty Mass Spectrometry Center
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