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Staff members with discipline Criminology & Penology

Academia develops at the interface of different fields. This is one reason why the University of Groningen is home to a wide range of fields, each with a great number of subject specialists. The overview below, which is based on a standard categorization of fields, will help you find the right expert for each field. If you cannot find the expert you are looking for in this list, try searching via a related field or faculty; you may find him or her there.

Overview of all disciplines

Public discourses and public opinion of crime and punishment.
Social reactions to criminality.
Women, crime and justice.
Feminist criminology and gendered aspects of cirme.
dr. M. (Martina) Althoff

Associate professor
parole (conditional release), sentence implementation, the subjective experience of punishment, communicative theories of punishment, comparative criminal justice & penology
M.M. Beckmann, MSc

PhD candidate
- Rogue Landlords
- Drug Markets (Cannabis and MDMA)
- Global Criminology
A.C. (Alex) Belloir, MA

Junior Researcher
drs. C.B. (Carola) Onderdelinden

External Collaboration Coordinator 4
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