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Medewerkers met het vakgebied Agronomie

Wetenschap ontwikkelt zich waar verschillende vakgebieden samenkomen. Alleen al daarom bestaat er binnen de RUG een grote verscheidenheid aan vakgebieden, met daarbinnen een groot aantal vakspecialisten. Met behulp van onderstaand overzicht, gebaseerd op een vaststaande indeling van wetenschapsgebieden, vindt u op elk vakgebied de juiste deskundige. Komt de deskundige die u zoekt niet voor in deze lijst? Via een vergelijkbaar vakgebied of een gerelateerde faculteit vindt u mogelijk alsnog de juiste persoon.

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My research is focussed on the complex interaction between people and the natural environment in dynamic coastal landscapes. The classic perception of wetland landscapes is too much focussed on the wet component alone. In coastal areas, presumed permanent high salinity values and disastrous floods add to the psychological reconstruction of a landscape in which problems prevailed over opportunities.

The Dutch and German coastal salt marshes are renowned for their 'terps'. Prior to the construction of dikes, terps guaranteed a safe haven for the local populations in times of severe floods. In general, however, both archaeologists and the general public are insufficiently aware of the fact that these severe floodings took place rarely, and primarily in the winter season. A more detailed understanding of the enormous diversity there must have been in this wide-stretched landscape, both in time and space, might dramatically alter our view of the people who chose to inhabit these seemingly hostile landscapes.

As such, we might rethink (coastal) wetland exploitation in other areas as well, both from an archaeological and a contemporary world point of view.

In 2015, I was awarded NWO VENI grant to study early crop cultivation in the coastal salt marshes of the Netherlands and Germany. The project will include a very much needed review of all the data currently scattered in dozens of reports, papers and books, palaeoecological analyses on actual excavated tillage levels, and experimental crop cultivation in the present marsh.

In order to make this project a success, I participate with a number of people and institutions, both outside and inside academia. An incomplete list;

Prof.Dr. Karl-Ernst Behre,  Lower Saxony Institute for Historical Coastal Research: review of crops
Dr. Welmoed Out, Moesgaard museum: palaeoecological analysis of tillage levels
Dr. Niek Scheepens, University of Tübingen: partner for experimental agriculture
It Fryske gea, Landscape organisation of the province of Friesland: experimental agriculture
Café Hammingh: public outreach, restaurant will use my data as inspiration for a menu
dr. M. (Mans) Schepers

Universitair docent
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