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From Stress to Success: A Workshop for Young Professionals

When:We 06-12-2023 11:00 - 12:30
Where:House of Connections, first floor

‘How to navigate your work in a balanced and value-driven manner?’

Work can be stressful at times, and although short periods of stress can be helpful and productive, too much stress for longer periods can have negative consequences for your well-being.

On the other hand, we also know that doing work that is in line with what you find important in life can make you feel better, productive and happy, positively affecting your well-being. For both reasons, it is important to really get to know yourself, so that you are able to navigate your work in a balanced and value-driven manner.

In this workshop, we aim to get to know ourselves a little bit better: What are your beliefs about stress? What are your signals of stress? And what are your core values that lead you in the choices you make (work-related, but also in general)?


This workshop will be provided by SCOPE, the UMCG center of expertise for personal development. Joke Fleer and Miranda Trippenzee will guide you through several exercises.

At SCOPE, we are committed to the development of happy and healthy individuals who are able to reflect on themselves and their environment. For that, we use insights from research to create experience-based education in the form of workshops, courses and interactive lectures.