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Staff members with discipline Toxicology

Academia develops at the interface of different fields. This is one reason why the University of Groningen is home to a wide range of fields, each with a great number of subject specialists. The overview below, which is based on a standard categorization of fields, will help you find the right expert for each field. If you cannot find the expert you are looking for in this list, try searching via a related field or faculty; you may find him or her there.

Overview of all disciplines

Marine Environment
Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB)
physiology & ecology of microalgae
impact studies e.g. plastics, flame retardants
ballast water
dr. M.K. (Karin) de Boer
+31 50 36 34686
Beta Science Shop & marine biologist; lecturer
Toxicology and public health studies in ethnic communities. César Yanko Cervantes Benavides is a researcher of Latin American origin, focused on vulnerability studies in indigenous groups. These vulnerabilities include social and racial segregation, the consequences of climate change, genotoxic and neurotoxic effects on human health due to the consumption of water contaminated with heavy metals, as well as the analysis of public policies developed for ethnic minorities. He is currently working at the Campus Fryslan, designing a research project on the vulnerability faced by ethnic groups in arid areas with water scarcity, following exposure to contaminants such as arsenic, due to the consumption of water contaminated by effluents from mining and agricultural activities. His study also focuses on the analysis of public health policies more oriented to the worldview of the ethnic minorities themselves. The main objective of his research is to characterize the perception of environmental risk in the Yaqui ethnic group in southern Sonora, Mexico, and to determine, through biological screening, the level of exposure to heavy metals and malnutrition experienced by ethnic minorities such as the Yaqui ethnic group.
C. (Cesar Yanko Cervantes Benavides) Cervantes Benavides, MSc
PhD student
perinatal and pediatric pharmacology, pharmacometrics (population-PKPD modeling, PBPK modeling), special populations, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, pharmacokinetics/-dynamics
dr. P. (Paola) Mian
PharmD, PhD - hospital pharmacist, clinical pharmacologist
Field / Discipline
prof. dr. D.J. (Daan) Touw
professor - Hospital pharmacist - clinical pharmacologist/toxicologist ERT
Field / Discipline
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