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Staff members with discipline Gerontology

Academia develops at the interface of different fields. This is one reason why the University of Groningen is home to a wide range of fields, each with a great number of subject specialists. The overview below, which is based on a standard categorization of fields, will help you find the right expert for each field. If you cannot find the expert you are looking for in this list, try searching via a related field or faculty; you may find him or her there.

Overview of all disciplines

Senescence; Genomics; Evolution of personalities; Cooperative breeding; Pedigree reconstruction; Quantitative genetics; Social effects; Women in science
prof. dr. H.L. (Hannah) Dugdale
Chair of Evolutionary Medicine, Rosalind Franklin Fellow
My expertise lies in the field of psychosocial intervention research that improve health in broad sense. Healthy aging not only involves prevention and curing diseases. People aging successfully are individuals who have the ability to adapt and self manage in the face of social, physical, and emotional challenges. The  Self-Management of Well-being interventions have demonstrated to be effective, and I’m currently working on projects to make this intervention more widely available and suitable for a larger group of older individuals. I have a background in social and health psychology and received my PhD in 2011 in the field of cognitive behavioral interventions for cancer-related fatigue. As a postdoc I broadened my expertise to fatigue in other illnesses, such as type 1 diabetes mellitus, kidney transplant recipients and chronic fatigue syndrome. More recently, I'm focusing on the possibility of e-health psychosocial interventions for cancer patients.
dr. ing. M.M. (Martine) Goedendorp
Assistant Professor (RUG) & Post-doc (UMCG)
Themes: place attachment, home-making, well-being, mobility, health literacy
Target groups: older adults, stroke survivors 
Methodology: qualitative research, participatory approach, geographical analyses (GIS)
prof. dr. L.B. (Louise) Meijering
+31 6 3198 3236
Professor in Health Geography
Field / Discipline
aging , lifecourse, social relations,self-management and self-regulation, well-beinghappiness
No picture available
+31 50 36 39187 /363 6469
Associate professor
Field / Discipline
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