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Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Research projects or educational projects with laboratory animals can only be performed when a permit is issued by the Competent Authority (CCD). The CCD grants a projects license partly based on the advice of the DEC-RUG. The DEC-RUG evaluates scientific and ethical aspects of projects involving experimental animals, assesses the research plan and examines whether the importance of the animal experiment outweighs the discomfort and suffering by the animals in question.

The DEC-RUG consists of experts in the fields of science, trial design, veterinary medicine, keeping, care and protection of animals, and ethics. To ensure independence, the chairman of the committee and at least half of the other members are not employed by the University; further, at least two members are not involved in the execution of animal experiments.

For evaluation of proposals for animal experiments, the DEC-RUG uses guidelines as outlined by the CCD. In addition, the DEC also adheres to the views of the Code of Practice on various issues.

Proposals for animal experiments are submitted by the university to the CCD. An application shall be prepared by an authorized investigator, in consultation with the Animal Welfare Body (AWB, IvD). Upon receipt of an application, the CCD will ask advice from the DEC-RUG.

Reactions to Secretariat DEC-RUG:

Meetings DEC 2024

NB: Please be aware that final documents have to be submitted 10 days prior to the meeting.

Deadline for submitting application
(only after consultation with the IvD)
January Wed 10-1 Thu 18-1
February Wed 7-2 Thu 15-2
March Wed 13-3 Thu 21-3
April Wed 10-4 Thu 18-4
May Wed 8-5 Thu 16-5
June Wed 5-6 Thu 13-6
July Wed 3-7 Thu 11-7
August Wed 14-8 Thu 22-08
September Wed 11-9 Thu 19-09
October Wed 9-10 Thu 17-10
November Wed 6-11 Thu 14-11
December Wed 4-12 Thu 12-12
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