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Call for submissions: Photo exhibition on diversity & inclusion

18 January 2023

Do you enjoy taking photos? And would you like your voice to be heard? Share your experiences of inclusion and exclusion at the University of Groningen by submitting your photos for the Photovoice exhibition on diversity and inclusion!

What is the exhibition about?

Photovoice is a creative, qualitative methodology used in community-based research that allows participants to submit photos that illustrate their experiences. It is most commonly used to investigate change in empowerment in vulnerable communities. In doing so, it aims to foster social change.

What should my photos be about?

Read our guiding questions below and use them as a theme for your photos. You can choose to answer one or all questions, with one theme per photo. Then upload your photos via our form, and explain a little about which photos you have taken and what they mean to you.

Guiding questions:

  • What are the times or places you feel the most understood within the University?
  • If you knew me better, you’d know __________.
  • In order to feel included at the University, I need _________.

What next?

To submit your photos, use our form. You may submit the photos anonymously if you choose. The deadline for submission is Sunday 26 February. If you have any questions, please email

Depending on how many submissions we receive, a selection procedure for the exhibition will take place. The exhibition will then be displayed during the Diversity & Inclusion Day organized by the UG D&I Office and Noorderlink on 28 March, as well as during the upcoming Developing Across Differences conference held in July, and in a virtual exhibition on our website. We are considering other options for displaying the exhibition as well, for which we would ask your permission.

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