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ECHO Award for Students with a migration background from one of the countries in Africa, Latin America, or Asia, or Turkey

Five students celebrating in front of a screen that says "ECHO Award 2022"

What is the ECHO Award?

The ECHO Award is awarded every year to successful students in the Netherlands with a migration background from one of the countries in Africa, Latin America, or Asia, or Turkey, who distinguish themselves for their entrepreneurial attitude, organizational skills, active social involvement, and constructive approach to challenges related to exclusion. The winners are rewarded with an all-expenses paid Summer Course at UCLA in the United States.

What are the criteria for winning the award?

The main criteria that will be considered when awarding an ECHO Award from eligible nominees are:

  • You are a Bachelor or Master student with a "non-Western background" (see ECHO definition below);

  • You are entrepreneurial: you take initiative, know how to recognize and seize opportunities;

  • You possess organizational skills: you can translate vision into practice, and know how to engage and mobilize people;

  • You contribute to social innovation: you create impact on diversity and inclusion, and show vision about the future of a multicultural society;

  • You are a critical friend: you know how to offer constructive criticism on issues related to exclusion and are willing to contribute to constructive solutions.

These criteria may change each year. For more information about the criteria, see the ECHO website.

What does it mean to be a student with a “non-Western background?”

ECHO defines students with a non-Western background* as:

  • Dutch students with a non-Western background;

  • Students with a refugee background;

  • International students who identify as part of a marginalized community in their own context, intend to settle in the Netherlands, and have made a social contribution to Dutch society

*ECHO defines “persons with a non-Western background” as persons with a migration background from one of the countries in Africa, Latin America, or Asia, or Turkey.

What do you receive if you win?

The prize creates opportunities for students to achieve a more equitable starting position and contributes to a dialogue that recognizes social challenges and illustrates the power of diversity.

The winners will be rewarded with an all-expenses paid summer course at UCLA in the United States.

After nomination, students automatically join the ECHO Ambassadors community, a network of socially involved students and (young) professionals who have been nominated over the years.

During the ECHO Ambassadors Academy, the brand new ECHO Ambassadors are introduced to the theory and practice of diversity and inclusion. In addition to getting familiar with frameworks and concepts to discuss the topic, the participants will engage in practical workshops in which they explore their role as ECHO ambassadors. In addition to developing understanding and skills, more information is also provided about the selection process and what they can expect from the follow-up process.

The ECHO Ambassadors Academy prepares students for opportunities that ECHO offers in activities aimed at strengthening diversity and inclusion in education and the labour market.

How does nomination work?

The UG may nominate a total of 3 students to ECHO for the award, plus 3 students for the special Tax and Law Award (Faculty of Law) and 3 students for the special Beta Techniek Award (Faculty of Science and Engineering). The D&I Office at the UG, along with a selection committee, selects UG students to nominate to ECHO, who decide on the final winners. 

There are two ways for UG students and staff to submit applications to be considered for UG’s nomination:

  1. Students can apply themselves.

  2. Staff members can nominate students.

Applications typically consist of an application form, CV, and motivation letter.

Applications typically open in March with the deadline around May. Keep an eye on the Diversity & Inclusion website news for information about the next round of applications!

Appplications for the 2024 ECHO Awards are now closed. Check back in spring 2025 for the next round of awards.

Would you like more information?

Read more about the ECHO awards on the ECHO website.
You can also contact the Diversity & Inclusion Office (diversity if you have any questions.

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