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The Google Rubicon

Date:24 May 2023
Author:Oksana Kavatsyuk
The University of Groningen is one of the Dutch universities using Google email and cloud services. This includes services such as Gmail, Calendar, Google-drive, Meet and many more. Once you start working or studying at the University, you automatically agree use these Google services. There is no way...

What is Data Autonomy about, and why do we care?

Date:18 April 2023
Author:Oskar J. Gstrein
Today access to services of Big Tech companies such as Google and Microsoft is more important for working at the university than having access to a building, an office desk, or a roof over your head. Why? Because we can easily get our research/education/administration/communication jobs done without any of them, as long as we are able to log in to those cloud services......