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RUG launches online video magazine Unifocus

16 May 2012

Today, the University of Groningen is launching a new online video magazine in English and Dutch – Unifocus. Every issue comprises three or four short videos with news and background information in the fields of research, teaching, student life and cooperation with the business world.

Unifocus can be viewed at, in a dynamic web environment, suitable for PCs, smartphones and tablets. The instalments, in English and Dutch,  can be watched as a whole, but it is also possible to open a specific item directly. The videos are accompanied by supplementary in-depth information, as well as an overview of the latest reactions on Twitter. Interested viewers can also be alerted to new instalments via an RSS feed. Unifocus will appear about 30 times a year.

Breastmilk, ‘Enhance Me!?’, fallacies and the University College

In the first instalment, Maarten Wilbrink talks about his research on the complex composition of breastmilk. How can you make a formula for babies that is as nearly identical in composition to breastmilk as possible? Wilbrink has made an important discovery and applied for a patent.

Unifocus is also showing images of the Science LinX exhibition ‘Enhance Me!?’, including how to improve performance with the help of gene doping, walking with prostheses and optimizing sleep rhythms. And also how to chat in as human a way as possible with a grumpy chatbot. Barteld Kooi gave a lecture during the first Groningen Philosophy Night. In Unifocus he talks about fallacies – what exactly are they – and why should we be able to recognize them?

Finally, Sibrand Poppema, President of the Board of the University of Groningen, explains the background to the performance agreements the University has made with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. One immediate result of these agreements is that the University is preparing an extra challenge for talented and motivated students – the University College.

Take a look at the first instalment of Unifocus.  

More information

Nyckle Swierstra , chief editor of Unifocus: 050 363 3389, n.k.swierstra

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