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Techno-financial assessment of offshore hybrid renewable energy systems

The performance of wave energy converter arrays and the sizing of renewable energy systems including generation and storage subsystems
PhD ceremony:Ms A. (Alva) Bechlenberg
When:April 30, 2024
Supervisors:A. (Antonis) Vakis, Prof, B. (Bayu) Jayawardhana, Prof
Co-supervisor:N.B. (Nick) Szirbik, Dr
Where:Academy building RUG
Faculty:Science and Engineering
Techno-financial assessment of offshore hybrid renewable energy

With the environmental goals set by governmental agencies for the years 2030 and 2050 in mind, this thesis’ aim is to enhance the reliability, efficiency, and financial viability of offshore hybrid renewable energy systems and to contribute to the knowledge base available for future investments and projects in the offshore environment.

The research presented in this thesis focuses on two main objectives: Improving the performance of a specific technology extracting energy from ocean waves: The technology is designed and through extensive simulations the power extraction is assessed with varying technical parameters.

Quantifying the value of diversifying the energy generation technologies included in a renewable energy system: The system’s context and application is taken into account and the subsystems comprising the offshore hybrid renewable energy system are sized based on techno-financial metrics.