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Trafficking in persons under international law and its incorporation within enslavement as a crime against humanity

PhD ceremony:Ms N.J. (Nicole) Siller
When:February 23, 2017
Supervisors:prof. dr. C.I. (Caroline) Fournet, prof. mr. dr. H.D. (Hein) Wolswijk
Where:Academy building RUG

The thesis ' Trafficking in Persons under International Law and its Incorporation within Enslavement as a Crime against Humanity'  is scheduled for oral defense on 23 February 2017 at 14.30. PhD candidate Nicole Siller's research project attempts to clarify the law of human trafficking in two aspects.  Part I is charged with clarifying the definition of 'trafficking in persons' from its international codified inception throughout its current codification. With a clearer understanding of what the crime of trafficking constitutes, Part II uses that construct in the context of international criminal law to ascertain what, if any role trafficking prosecutions can play in international criminal justice. More specifically, Part II investigates whether the crime against humanity of enslavement has already incorporated the crime of human trafficking within its construct.