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Aphasia therapy software: research, development, and implementation

PhD ceremony:Ms P.A. (Pauline) Cuperus
When:September 28, 2023
Supervisors:prof. dr. R. (Roel) Jonkers, prof. dr. L. Nickels
Co-supervisors:dr. D.A. (Dörte) de Kok, V.M. (Vânia) Correia de Aguiar, PhD
Where:Academy building RUG
Aphasia therapy software: research, development, and implementation

After suffering stroke, brain injury or in dementia, some people have difficulties in comprehending or producing language. This disorder is called aphasia. People with aphasia benefit from language therapy provided by speech and language pathologists. Such therapy is increasingly supplemented by digital aphasia therapy (e.g. therapy apps), which can be used to increase therapy frequency and exposure. This dissertation explores the topic of digital aphasia therapy, examining research, development, and implementation. In doing so, this dissertation aims to widen our understanding of how we could effectively develop and use aphasia therapy software, thereby potentially improving aphasia therapy as a whole.