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Influences of complex topography and biochemistry on mesenchymal stem cell differentiation

PhD ceremony:L. Yang
When:December 07, 2020
Supervisor:dr. P. (Patrick) van Rijn
Co-supervisor:dr. T.G. (Theo) van Kooten
Where:Academy building RUG
Faculty:Medical Sciences / UMCG

The process of tissue development involves multipotent cells that interact with physical (topography and stiffness) and biochemical cues in their extracellular matrix (ECM) environment. The topography of the ECM can significantly influence stem cell responses from attachment, proliferation, and migration to stemness maintenance and differentiation into different lineage. In this thesis, we demonstrate not only the important role of topography in stem cell differentiation, but also identify the optimum parameters for the determination of the lineage-specific fate of MSCs via high-throughput screening (HTS). Furthermore, to better mimic the ECM, biochemical cues, e.g., cell-derived extracellular matrix, were prepared to investigate the synergistic influence of both on the fate commitment of stem cells.