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Speaking of what matters most

the spirituality and the spiritual needs of Dutch children with a chronic condition
PhD ceremony:Ms A. (Aliza) Damsma-Bakker
When:January 10, 2022
Supervisor:P.F. (Petrie) Roodbol
Co-supervisor:dr. R. van Leeuwen
Where:Academy building RUG
Faculty:Medical Sciences / UMCG
Speaking of what matters most

There is growing evidence that integrated spiritual care for nursing professionals is important for patients in order to cope with illness and handicaps. Spirituality works preventive, promotes health and stimulates quality of life. This research aims to explore and describe the spiritual experiences, language and needs of Dutch children with a chronic condition, which is yet unexplored. Especially children between the age of eight and ten are at the centre of this study, as they are able to reflect, but are yet uninfluenced by puberty with its own complexity. Internationally this has only been done on a small scale, and for the specific context of the Netherlands essential knowledge to identify and address this spirituality is still missing. This research thus provides simultaneously the necessary knowledge to improve theoretical foundations of spirituality of children and the more practical and ethical implications of how to speak to children about spirituality and how to do research with them on this topic.