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Modular chemical probes

Enabled by hydrazone and iminoboronate chemistry
PhD ceremony:Mr A.J. (Niek) van der Zouwen
When:January 10, 2022
Supervisors:prof. dr. M.D. (Martin) Witte, prof. dr. ir. A.J. (Adriaan J) Minnaard
Where:Academy building RUG
Faculty:Science and Engineering
Modular chemical probes

Chemical probes are tools that allow the study of proteins of interest in the context of a complex biological environment. These probes are very powerful for fundamental and applied research. Although there have been many improvements in the last decade, the methods to develop these probes are often time- consuming or require elaborate chemical synthesis, which limits the access to these tools. This thesis describes the development of new methods to generate probes using modular building blocks. The power of these new methods lies in the use of robust chemical reactions that can be carried out within a biological context and that enable the user to generate the chemical probes and apply them in the study of proteins of interest in a straightforward manner.