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Inaugural lecture Prof M.J. (Maarten) Gijsenberg: On Time. Marketing Dynamics: A Story of Past, Present, and Future

When:Fr 02-06-2023 16:15 - 17:00
Where:Aula Academy Building, Broerstraat 5, Groningen

Hic et nunc. Right here, right now. When making decisions, individuals and organizations alike often show a strong tendency to focus on the here and now, the narrow present. They thereby abstract from the fact that the outcomes of their decisions are shaped through time. Moreover, a narrow short-term view of results ignores the potential long-term effects of their decisions. Thus, marketing-related decisions by individuals and organizations, as well as research on these decisions and their outcomes, are no exception.

The research domain of Marketing Dynamics examines the evolution over-time of both marketing decisions and their resulting effects on outcome metrics. Analysis and insights are not limited to short-term effects, but also address long-term implications. Professor Maarten Gijsenberg: 'This broader perspective becomes even more relevant in the exciting turbulent times we face today.' Existing knowledge with regard to marketing decisions and their outcomes needs to be updated, and new knowledge, also including new outcome measures with a more societal focus, needs to be created.

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Inaugural lecture: Prof M.J. (Maarten) Gijsenberg

  • Title: On Time. Marketing Dynamics: A Story of Past, Present, and Future
  • Chair: Marketing Dynamics
  • Faculty: Economics and Business

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