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Inaugural lecture Ms Prof J.D.R. Oehmichen: Corporate governance and strategy – preparing firms and their stakeholders for the digital era

When:Tu 15-01-2019 16:15 - 17:00
Where:Aula Academy Building, Broerstraat 5, Groningen

Strategic Corporate Governance (CG) research has come a long way, typically assessing (1) corporate actors, e.g., managers, board members, shareholders, and other stakeholders, (2) company goals, e.g., time horizons and risk preferences, and (3) CG mechanisms, e.g., control through ownership structures and board positions as well as incentives through compensation arrangements. Significant research progress has been made in the last years, e.g. about the importance of industrial expertise of board members (Oehmichen et al., 2017), and the opportunity to steer CEOs’ time horizon and attention for corporate social performance with the time horizons used in CEO compensation arrangements (McGuire et al., 2017).

However, our world is changing fundamentally. The new digital era forces companies to handle:

  1. new technologies and assets
  2. build new digital knowledge and capabilities
  3. face rapidly changing market structures

GC research needs to incorporate these new digital challenges to provide answers and solutions that are meaningful to firms, regulators, and the society. Professor Jana Oehmichen’s lecture thus provides an outlook on an integrated research agenda. Selected topics include:

  1. How to equip CG actors with relevant digital knowledge (e.g., assessing the need for, the role of, and the sources for new “digital” board members)?
  2. How to consider new goal settings in disrupted digital markets (e.g., how to explain traditional investor goals like low free cashflows and digital firms who can hold impressive cash reserves)?
  3. Which new governance mechanisms to make the best use of digital assets (e.g., sharing data in coopetition situations without losing competitive advantage to other ecosystem players)?

More information

  • Inaugural lecture: Ms Prof J.D.R. Oehmichen
  • Title: Corporate governance and strategy – preparing firms and their stakeholders for the digital era
  • Chair: Organization and Management Studies
  • Faculty: Economics and Business
  • Register at the latest one week in advance by returning the replycard or by filling in the registration form
Jana Oehmichen
Jana Oehmichen
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