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Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen

Wanneer:do 17-08-2017 17:00 - 23:00
Waar:Noorderplantsoen, Groningen

Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen is the somewhat peculiar combination of an international arts festival on the cutting edge with exciting contemporary performing arts from all over the world. This big annual summer festival in a feely accessible park is eleven days long and for about 135.000 visitors from Groningen, the rest of the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

From 17th to 27th August, 2017 Noorderzon is presenting a program featuring European and non-European artists that will include urgent and current stories from their culture and surroundings in their presentations – some will even include stories of Noorderzon visitors. Stories told in an innovative language, rooted in yesterday and today.  Noorderzon will offer you a contemporary window to the world.

More information about the Noorderzon festival could be found here.