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The Sciences major offers, among others, expertise in the following three areas:

Health & Life Sciences

The scope of this track ranges from cell biology to human physiology, immunology, microbiology, neurobiology and other important areas in human biology, and their relevance for health and disease. Non-medical/biological perspectives on these topics are important to UCG, which encourages multidisciplinary approaches to problem solving, and these perspectives are part of the track whenever appropriate. Students study the topics in this track through small group lectures, working groups, journal clubs, laboratory practicals and self-study.

Smart Technologies

Smart technologies are changing our life and our societies on a deeper level than ever before. Smart home assistants, vehicles, factories, banks, buildings and many more are highly interconnected, communicate with their environment and with us, and operate using various levels of artificial intelligence. To shape the future, we need creative and interdisciplinary minds with knowledge of science, technology and computer science to develop, implement smart technological solutions in our modern society.

Mind, Machines and Morality

Online assistants, targeted advertisements, self-driving cars and smart robots are just a few examples of automated systems that rely heavily on artificial intelligence. At UCG, we believe that, to fully understand how such systems engage with people and influence our society, we must go beyond the traditional core algorithmic focus. Students in this track therefore receive training at the intersection of machine learning, psychology, and philosophy, in order to fully engage with the challenging and rapidly growing field of artificial intelligence.

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Last modified:25 September 2023 4.27 p.m.