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Are you interested in culture, language, philosophy, literature, religion, history or the arts? Do you like ethics, culture, human geography, art or philosophy? This is the major for you.

The Humanities major offers, among others, expertise in the following two areas:

Social and Cultural Change

In the Humanities we study human culture. Human culture is everywhere: it encompasses whatever humans think and do. Think about technology, the arts, language, politics, and science. At UCG we focus on the ways in which insights in culture can be used to bring about social change. Areas of study we cover are: media and technology, gender, the arts, history, the public sphere, philosophy, culture and cognition.

Truth, Meaning and Rationality

In this track within the Humanities Major, you will get to analyse the very nature of truth, meaning, rationality, reality and values. You will explore a number of human dilemmas from a philosophical perspective. The key subjects in this field are Ethics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Technology. What does it mean to act morally good or to think rationally? What is the meaning of “truth”? There are no boundaries to the depth that you can study a field. No question is excluded as "too basic" in this track. The topics discussed within the Truth, Meaning and Rationality track are not only philosophical questions. They are directly relevant to many societal problems.

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