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Humanities: Making Meaning

Humans breathe culture – culture is all around, as well as inside us. Our lives are molded by culture: through the ubiquitous media, through science and philosophy, politics and religion, technology and the arts. But how does this happen? What are the building blocks of culture? How does culture work, and how do humans work with it? In order to find answers to these questions we focus, at UCG, on culture as a complex process, consisting of a set of interrelated cognitive, sociological, historical, and individual dimensions.

In our Humanities Programme we develop an interdisciplinary, liberal arts and sciences perspective on the complexities of contemporary culture. Combining up-to-date theoretical, philosophical, historical, and critical approaches, we provide our Humanities-majors with an insight in the basic structure and dimensions of culture. The program dovetails with pre-master programmes in one of the three Humanities-faculties (Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Arts). Students that opt for one of the other UCG-majors are challenged to reflect upon the value of a Humanities-perspective in complex interdisciplinary contexts.

The world of culture is huge. The opportunities for a successful career are endless. Thus one of the former Ambassadors of the United States of America to the Netherlands was trained as an Art Historian, while another got a Bachelor degree in Russian Language and Literature. Most likely, Masters in the Humanities will make their career in Media, Journalism and Communication, in International Organizations, in Education, in Arts and Culture (policy, advice, and management), or in Humanities Research.

You can view the presentation on the Humanities major here. If you want to know which courses the Class of 2019 will follow in the line of the Humanities major, please check here.

The coordinator for the Humanities Major is Prof. Dr. Barend van Heusden

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