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Humanities Major

Humanities at UCG: Culture and Social Change

In the Humanities we study human culture. Human culture is everywhere: it encompasses whatever humans think and do. Think about technology, the arts, language, politics, and science. At UCG we focus on the ways in which insights in culture can be used to bring about social change. Areas of study we cover are: media and technology, gender, the arts, history, the public sphere, philosophy, culture and cognition.

Courses we offer range form philosophy (ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of mind) via courses on Humanities methods of research to courses on the arts, history, cognition, gender, or leadership in culture. The career perspectives vary, depending on the electives, the minor, and the master’s chosen - you might think about a career in media and journalism, in cultural leadership (entrepreneurship and policy), in culture research, or in profit and non-profit cultural organisations, as well as in culture research (philosophy, media studies; arts studies; history, international relations and organisations).

Our prospective student combines a broad interest in various aspects of human culture with a strong social commitment and the will to make a difference. This student is interested in investigating the cultural dimension of contemporary issues and wants to become a cultural influencer. Questions we ask are: how do media and technology affect the way we live, and think, and do politics? What role does gender play in contemporary culture? How do artists contribute to changes in consciousness? Can we explain current problems in democracy by delving into their history? When and how does ethics come in in debates on new technologies? What role do narratives and myths play in the public sphere? How does our brain produce culture? Assessment in the Humanities courses is mostly done through practical assignments, for instance in collaborating with artists, written essays and exams, and oral (often audio-visual) presentations.

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