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University College Groningen is a Faculty of the University of Groningen, one of the world’s top 100 universities. We offer a Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences, which will provide students an academic degree with a genuinely interdisciplinary outlook, freedom of choice and a collaborative and guided approach to learning in a stimulating and globally challenging environment.

Our Liberal Arts and Sciences programme offers students the opportunity to study a broad range of subjects (Free Major) or develop more expert knowledge in a major discipline (Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences). Throughout the degree, students will work in interdisciplinary teams on a series of projects that also take them outside of the classroom. This will enable students to learn how to apply a creative approach in finding solutions for complex global challenges.

Programme in a nutshell

Programme LAS

What is the Academic Core?

This is the list of courses that provide a broad foundation for your education as an LAS student. The general educational purpose of a core course of study is to ensure that all students take and complete courses that are considered to be academically and culturally essential. For example: academic skills and research, methodology etc.

What is the Major and the Minor?

The Major is the area of study that you choose.

At UCG, we have three Majors: Sciences, Social Sciences or Humanities. Within each Major, you can combine different academic disciplines or perspectives into a tailor-made programme that fits your interests and prospective Master choice.

There is also the possibility of a Free Major, in which you create your own programme with the help and guidance from our Academic Advisors.

The Minor is a secondary area of study that may or may not compliment your major. You can further develop your academic profile by following a minor at the University of Groningen but you can also use this semester to study abroad (go on exchange) or pursue an internship.

Sample curriculum

Below you can view an example of a three year Liberal Arts and Sciences Bachelor programme. The courses listed serve as a mere sample of our Course Catalogue.

The breakdown of the programme:

  • Academic core 55 ECTS
  • Major 95 ECTS
  • Minor 30 ECTS

Course Catalogue

Are you curious to see the list of courses we offer at UCG?

Please note that students are allowed to take elective courses outside of our Faculty as well.

Project-based Learning

Projects provide the context for experiential learning. Here, existing and new scholarship is applied to practical situations, using collaborative problem-solving skills. In so doing, students make sense of the world and their role within it.

UCG is the only University College in the Netherlands to require students to work on interdisciplinary projects throughout their bachelor studies. Projects are a special type of course in which students are curiosity-driven scholars. In projects, students collaborate with faculty and experts to tackle real-world issues. Studying at UCG is about creating enduring and meaningful experiences rather than memorising - and forgetting - facts.

World Language Programme

University College Groningen is proud to continue offering language courses for students in collaboration with the Language Centre of our University. This is a special opportunity for students to broaden their language skills during their studies and boost their culture awareness in our international community.

This programme allows interested UCG students to take as an elective course in either Arabic, Spanish or Japanese during 3 years as part of their Liberal Arts and Sciences Bachelor programme. Our students can gain a total of 5 extracurricular ECTS (yearly 2.5 ECTS) for their active participation. These credits will be visible on your diploma supplement once you graduate from UCG.

Students can choose to follow one language course throughout their bachelor programme. Interested students may broaden their language programme with additional academic assignments for extra credits. The language courses will be offered to students by qualified language teachers.

In case the programme reaches a certain number of registrations, the courses are directly taught at our Faculty building.

Learn a global language as part of your bachelor programme!

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Facts and Figures

Bachelor of Arts (BA) / Bachelor of Sciences (BSc)
Language of instruction
English 100%
36 months
Number of places for 2024 entry
Student body
40% Dutch / 60% international
Application deadline
Early bird: 15 January 2024, Final: 1 May 2024
Semester start
2 September, 2024
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