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Prospective-student profile

Programme Fit
Programme Fit

Our world is changing in such a way that new situations, uncertainties, and problems emerge constantly. At UCG, we want to prepare you with the skills that allow you to adapt to an ever-changing professional market. We want you to be able to deal with a complex and changing world in ethical and effective ways. This requires an interdisciplinary, creative, and - above all - adaptive attitude and skill-set.

Are you...

  • curious and ambitious?
  • interested in a variety of different subjects?
  • eager to work in small-scale, culturally diverse and interactive learning settings?
  • ready to work collaboratively and creatively on interdisciplinary projects?
  • motivated to push your intellectual and personal boundaries?

If you answered  “YES!” to these questions, then you just may have found your academic home at the University College Groningen. Students are recommended to highlight these traits mentioned above to the Board of Admissions in their motivation video. We especially encourage non-EU students, minority students, and other students from diverse backgrounds to apply.

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