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From Individual Creativity to Team Creativity: A Meta-Analytic Test of Task Moderators

Leader Network Centrality and Team Performance: Team Size as Moderator and Collaboration as Mediator

Membership change, idea generation, and group creativity: A motivated information processing perspective

From member creativity to team creativity? Team information elaboration as moderator of the additive and disjunctive models

The Interactive Effect of a Leader's Sense of Uniqueness and Sense of Belongingness on Followers' Perceptions of Leader Authenticity

Selecting Top Performer’ Ideas for Team Creativity? Team Learning Goal and Top Performer’s Advice Centrality

The Emergence of Team Creativity: A Social Network Perspective

Why Do People Select Others’ Ideas in the Team Creative Process? A Heuristic Model of Individual Cognitive Complexity

Creative Star or Teamwork?: A Disjunctive-Elaboration Model of Team Creativity

From Individual Creativity to Team Creativity: A Meta-Analytic Overview on the Emergence Models

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