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Research interests

I am a social psychologist broadly interested in the study of identity and intergroup processes. You can check out my lab and my work here at


Identifying important individual- and country-level predictors of conspiracy theorizing: A machine learning analysis

Pandemic boredom: Little evidence that lockdown-related boredom affects risky public health behaviors across 116 countries

Prototypes of People With Depression

The effect of relational status on perceptions of gay disparaging humor

The Protective Role of Identity Integration Against Internalized Sexual Prejudice for Religious Gay Men

Advancing research into the social psychology of sexual orientations and gender identities: Current research and future directions

A Systematic and Meta-Analytic Review of Identity Centrality among LGBTQ Groups: An Assessment of Psychosocial Correlates

Correction: Politicization of COVID-19 health-protective behaviors in the United States: Longitudinal and cross-national evidence

COVID-19 stressors and health behaviors: A multilevel longitudinal study across 86 countries

Identity integration matters: The case of parents working from home during the COVID-19 health emergency

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New study suggests conservatives’ aversion to masks is a uniquely American phenomenon