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Everyday Life Attention Scale (ELAS): Normative data of n = 1,874 Dutch participants

De structuur van aandacht in het dagelijks leven bij volwassenen: de Everyday Life Attention Scale (ELAS)

Een hersengezond dieet: Neurowetenschap en het effect van voeding op onze hersenen

Exploring neuropsychological effects of a self-monitoring intervention for ADHD-symptoms in school

Local-global processing approaches in older autistic adults: A matched control study using RCFT and WAIS-IV

Testing the relation between ADHD and hyperfocus experiences

The female side of pharmacotherapy for ADHD-A systematic literature review

Unknown, Unloved? Teachers’ Reported Use and Effectiveness of Classroom Management Strategies for Students with Symptoms of ADHD

A situation-specific approach to measure attention in adults with ADHD: The everyday life attention scale (ELAS)

Autism in females and males: similarities and differences

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Blog about: A garden-path blogpost

Blog about: The green heart lives on

Blog about: Everyone knows what attention is

Blog about: Everyone knows what attention is

Blog about Beter rekenen dankzij schaakles

Publiekslezing - Worden kinderen slimmer van schaken?

Blog about 'the green heart of our faculty'

Blog about 'Why we should not call men "a little bit autistic"'

Schaakstukken brengen beweging in het onderwijs

Blog about ' How to manage ADHD in the classroom – do as science suggests'

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