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How to find us dr. Y. (Yvonne) Groen

dr. Y. Groen

Associate Professor

Social cognition and social skilss in ADHD and ASD:

  • self-reported empathy on the Dutch translation of the Empathy Quotient (EQ) and Systemizing Quotient (SQ-R)
  • social cognition in adolescents and adults with ADHD (PhD project Anne den Heijer)
  • the female side of ADHD and ASD: symptoms, social skills and empathy (PhD project Francien Kok)
  • Finished Postdoc project: Effects of Oxytocine on the processing of empathy evolong pictures in young male adults with ASD

School neuropsychology:

  • Testing the executive function hypothesis of chess (Worden kinderen slimmer van schaken?)
  • Self-regulated learning and study motivation in college students with ADHD
  • different prespectives on the learning child with ADHD (PhD project Geraldina Gaastra)

Reward sensitivity and motivation:

  • finished PhD-project: The psychophysiology of error and feedback processing in ADHD and ASD
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Job title:
Associate professor
Working hours:
mon-fri; student hour: tuesdays 15-17 h

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