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Learning across teams in project-oriented organisations: The role of programme management

A social network perspective on learning and adaptivity in project-oriented organizations in transport infrastructure planning

Building Adaptive Capacity through Learning in Project-Oriented Organisations in Infrastructure Planning

Conditions for Co-Creation in Infrastructure Projects: Experiences from the Overdiepse Polder Project (The Netherlands)

Enhancing collective learning through programme management in project-oriented organizations in infrastructure planning

Het prestatievoordeel van publiek-private samenwerking: Een analyse van transportinfrastructuurprojecten in Nederland

The role of the public partner in innovation in transport infrastructure PPPs: A qualitative comparative analysis of nine Dutch DBFM projects

Building resilience through collective learning in project-oriented organizations in infrastructure planning

Dealing with Contract Variations in PPPs: Social Mechanisms and Contract Management in Infrastructure Projects

Policy design dynamics: fitting goals and instruments in transport infrastructure planning in the Netherlands

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