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A Single Injection with Sustained-Release Microspheres and a Prime-Boost Injection of Bovine Serum Albumin Elicit the Same IgG Antibody Response in Mice

Designing Formulation Strategies for Enhanced Stability of Therapeutic Peptides in Aqueous Solutions: A Review

Development of an inhalable antiviral powder formulation against respiratory syncytial virus

Efficient fabrication of thermo-stable dissolving microneedle arrays for intradermal delivery of influenza whole inactivated virus vaccine

Inhalation of vaccines and antiviral drugs to fight respiratory virus infections: Reasons to prioritize the pulmonary route of administration

Performance Testing of a Homemade Aerosol Generator for Pulmonary Administration of Dry Powder Formulations to Mice

Physical Chemistry

Surface Engineering Methods for Powder Bed Printed Tablets to Optimize External Smoothness and Facilitate the Application of Different Coatings

An overview of the production methods for core-shell microspheres for parenteral controlled drug delivery

Are inhaled mRNA vaccines safe and effective? A review of preclinical studies

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