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A Single Injection with Sustained-Release Microspheres and a Prime-Boost Injection of Bovine Serum Albumin Elicit the Same IgG Antibody Response in Mice

Development of an inhalable antiviral powder formulation against respiratory syncytial virus

An overview of the production methods for core-shell microspheres for parenteral controlled drug delivery

Are inhaled mRNA vaccines safe and effective? A review of preclinical studies

Assessing the Immunomodulatory Effect of Size on the Uptake and Immunogenicity of Influenza- and Hepatitis B Subunit Vaccines In Vitro

Formulation of a 3D Printed Biopharmaceutical: The Development of an Alkaline Phosphatase Containing Tablet with Ileo-Colonic Release Profile to Treat Ulcerative Colitis

Inhaled vaccine delivery in the combat against respiratory viruses: A 2021 overview of recent developments and implications for COVID-19

Intradermal Administration of Influenza Vaccine with Trehalose and Pullulan-Based Dissolving Microneedle Arrays

RANKL confers protection against cell death in precision-cut lung slices

Advances in the development of entry inhibitors for sialic-acid-targeting viruses

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