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Effectiveness of exposure-based treatment for childhood anxiety disorders: An open clinical trial to test its relation with indices of emotional processing and inhibitory learning

The effects of eye movements on the content and characteristics of unpleasant autobiographical memories: an extended replication study

Better together?: A randomized controlled microtrial comparing different levels of therapist and parental involvement in exposure-based treatment of childhood specific phobia

Treating specific phobia in youth: A randomized controlled microtrial comparing gradual exposure in large steps to exposure in small steps

Effectiviteit van behandeling van obsessief-compulsieve stoornissen bij ASS: een systematische literatuurreview

Treating Speech Anxiety in Youth: A Randomized Controlled Microtrial Testing the Efficacy of Exposure Only versus Exposure Combined with Anxiety Management Strategies

Durfpoli materiaal voor behandelaren, kinderen en ouders

Module Act&Dare, onderdeel van STARr

Therapists' characteristics associated with the (non-)use of exposure in the treatment of anxiety disorders in youth: A survey among Dutch-speaking mental health practitioners

Disgust- and anxiety-based emotional reasoning in non-clinical fear of vomiting

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