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How soccer scouts identify talented players

Non-Ergodicity in Load and Recovery: Group Results Do Not Generalize to Individuals

Quantifying change of direction load using positional data from small-sided games in soccer

(On)terecht buitenspel gezet. Sportprestaties voorspellen door systematische en gestructureerde beoordelingen

The validity of small-sided games in predicting 11-vs-11 soccer game performance

A match-derived relative pitch area facilitates the tactical representativeness of small-sided games for the official soccer match

Improving Talent Identification Using Insights from Selection Psychology: 5-minute pitch

Methodological Issues in Soccer Talent Identification Research

Mismatch between coach and players’ perception of exertion in soccer: does it matter?

Predicting Future Perceived Wellness in Professional Soccer: The Role of Preceding Load and Wellness

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Pakt FC Groningen met behulp van data eerder een prijs?

Using smart technology to tackle sports injuries and mental dips

RUG en UMCG krijgen subsidie voor onderzoek naar mentale veerkracht sporters