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A Multidisciplinary, Personalized Approach to Resilience in Sports

A Network Approach To Study Individual-Specific Performance Dynamics In Sports

Examining the reliability and predictive validity of performance assessments by soccer coaches and scouts: The influence of structured collection and mechanical combination of information

How Do Scouts Identify Talented Athletes?

How do scouts identify talented soccer players?

How soccer scouts identify talented players

Nonergodicity in Load and Recovery: Group Results Do Not Generalize to Individuals

Quantifying change of direction load using positional data from small-sided games in soccer

Resilience in sports: A multidisciplinary, dynamic, and personalized perspective

(On)terecht buitenspel gezet. Sportprestaties voorspellen door systematische en gestructureerde beoordelingen

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FC Groningen en Rijksuniversiteit Groningen gaan ‘Scoren met talent’

University of Groningen: Working on health and talent together with FC Groningen

Pakt FC Groningen met behulp van data eerder een prijs?

Using smart technology to tackle sports injuries and mental dips

RUG en UMCG krijgen subsidie voor onderzoek naar mentale veerkracht sporters

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