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Lithium: The best current treatment for the well-informed bipolar patient

Plasma androgens and the presence and course of depression in a large cohort of women

A skewed perspective: A reply to Kovvuru et al

Antidepressiva: al decennia voor­geschreven én toch nog steeds bekritiseerd; een perspectief op oorzaken en oplossingen

Associations of plasma androgens with suicidality among men and women: A 9-year longitudinal cohort study

New vision on the mental problems of Vincent van Gogh; results from a bottom-up approach using (semi-)structured diagnostic interviews

Psychomotor Retardation and the prognosis of antidepressant treatment in patients with unipolar Psychotic Depression

Relationship of comorbid personality disorders to prospective outcome in bipolar disorder

Adding Increased Energy or Activity to Criterion (A) of the DSM-5 Definition of Hypomania and Mania: Effect on the Diagnoses of 907 Patients From the Bipolar Collaborative Network

Aspirin for recurrence prevention in bipolar disorder-Promising, yet clinically understudied?

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Research provides new and deeper insights into Vincent van Gogh’s psychiatric illnesses

Onderzoek Groningen werpt nieuw licht op ziektebeeld Vincent van Gogh