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Administration of a TNF receptor 2 agonist improves neuropathology and cognitive functions in an Alzheimer’s disease model

Microglial TNFR2 signaling regulates the inflammatory response after CNS injury in a sex-specific fashion

Novel crosstalk mechanisms between GluA3 and Epac2 in synaptic plasticity and memory in Alzheimer's disease

Activation of TNF Receptor 2 improves synaptic plasticity and enhances amyloid-β clearance in an Alzheimer's disease mouse model with humanized TNF Receptor 2

Influencing cognitive performance via social interactions: A novel therapeutic approach for brain disorders based on neuroanatomical mapping?

Microglia-astrocyte communication in Alzheimer's disease

Mitochondrial transplantation rescues neuronal cells from ferroptosis

Sequential treatment with a TNFR2 agonist and a TNFR1 antagonist improves outcomes in a humanized mouse model for MS

The effects of social environment on AD-related pathology in hAPP-J20 mice and tau-P301L mice

The Expression of Epac2 and GluA3 in an Alzheimer's Disease Experimental Model and Postmortem Patient Samples

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Ultrakleine ‘nanodragers’ kunnen medicijnen in de hersenen brengen

Melatonine en de ziekte van Alzheimer

Kan oogarts in de toekomst alzheimer diagnosticeren?

TNRR2 als een aangrijpingspunt voor de behandeling van MS

Selective manipulation of specific receptors may pave way for new MS therapies

New impetus for treatment neurodegenerative diseases

Antiviral immune response linked to depression in mice

Tödliche Spaltung

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