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U.L.M. (Ulrich L. M.) Eisel, Prof

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+31 6 3192 1481 (work mobile)
+31 6 3192 1422 (Secretary)

Recent projects and involved persons

1) TNFR agonists and antagonists for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases (PhD student Yun Dong) finished

2) Lipoocalin-2 in Alzheimer's disease and depression (major ISAO grant) (Dr. Pieter Naudé, PhD student Doortje Dekens, in co-operation with Prof. Peter DeDeyn UMCG and Dr. Kerensa Broersen, U Twente) finished

3) Neuroinflammation and depression (PhD student Erin van Buel with Dr. Hans Klein, Dr. Fokko Bosker, Prof. Robert Schoevers, UCP) finished

4) BrainMenu Consortium (PhD student Ewelina Kurtys, Dr. Ate Boerema, with Dr. Eric de Vries UMCG, Nutricia) finished

5) Heart Failure and Neuroinflammation (PhD student Leonie Gouweleeuw, with Dr. Regien Schoemaker) finished

6) Immunization against AD (together with RIVM / IntraVacc, Dr. Regien Schoemaker, Leonie Gouweleeuw) finished

7) Deltaplan Dementie Memorabel project Multi drug target treatment of Alzheimer's disease (Deltaplan Memorabel ZonMW grant, U Twente, RuG) (Dr. Ate Boerema) finished

8) TNFR2 as a target for Multiple Sclerosis treatment (4 year project granted by stichting MS onderzoek, in co-operation with Prof. Jon Laman and Wia Baron and Universities of Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Vienna) (Valentina Pegoretti, PhD student) see also:

9) Microglia function in neurodegeneration and Alzheimer's disease (Yingying Wu, PhD student)

10) Targeting TNFR2 in Alzheimer's disease (4 year Memorabel project granted by ZonMw and Alzheimer Nederland started in January 2018 together with Dr. Pieter Naudé, University of Cape Town, Prof. Peter Paul DeDeyn, Alzheimer Center, UMCG and Dr. Inge Zuhorn, UMCG ) (Nathalia Orti Casan, PhD student) finished

11) Social factors in cognitive decline and dementia: towards an early intervention approach (4 year Memorabel project granted by ZonMw starting January 2018 together with Prof. Martien Kas and Prof. Eddy van der Zee and EasmusMC and RadboudMC in co-operation with Jansen, Pharmaceutica NV) (Suzanne Lannooij, PhD student)

12) cAMP signalling in memory retrieval (4 year Alzheimer Nederland grant in collaboration with Prof. Helmut Kessels, University of Amsterdam, Dr. Dineke Verbeek, Dept. of Genetics, UMCG, Prof. Martina Schmidt, Department of Molecular Pharmacology, RuG) (Tong Zhang, PhD student) 

13) Ferroptosis in AD in collaboration with Prof. Amalia Dolga (Tingting Chen) starting 2021

14) Peripheral targeting of TNFR1 and Lcn2 as treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. (starting in 2022) 4 year Alzheimer Nederland grant in collaboration with Prof. Peter Paul DeDeyn; Dr. Pieter Naudé, Prof. A. van Dam (Alzheimer Center, Groningen) (Irem Bayraktaroglu PhD student)

15) New experimental techniques in brain research. Mariette Heims (start May 1st, 2023) together with Thomas Cremers

Ph.D. students

Dr. rer. nat. Matthias Klein, Stuttgart, finished 1998

Dr. rer. nat. Annette Schöneberg, Stuttgart, finished 1999

Dr. rer. nat. Lara Marchetti, Stuttgart, finished 2002

Amalia M. Dolga, PhD, Groningen, 2004-2008, cum laude (RF fellow)

Angel Ostroveanu, PhD, Groningen 2004-2008

Marcelo Masman, PhD, Groningen, 2007-2010

Ivica Granic, PhD, Groningen, 2005-2009

Nikoletta Dobos, PhD, Groningen, 2007-2012

Pieter Naudé, PhD, Groningen, 2008-2012, cum laude

Erin van Buel, PhD, Groningen, 2010-2014

Yun Dong, PhD, Groningen 2011-2015

Ewelina Kurtys, PhD, Groningen 2011-2015

Doortje Dekens, PhD Groningen 2013-2017

Leonie Gouweleeuw, PhD Groningen 2012-2016

Valentina Pegoretti 2016-2020

Yingying Wu 2016-2020

Nathalia Orti Casan, PhD 2018-2022

Suzanne D. Lannooij 2018-2023

Tong Zhang 2019-2024

 Tingting Chen 2021-2025

Irem Bayraktaroglu 2022-2026

Mariette Heims 2023

Postdoctoral fellows

Dr. Isabelle Pieri (1993-2000), Stuttgart

Dr. Valerie Fontaine (2000-2001), Stuttgart

Dr. Katalin Schlett (2000-2001), Stuttgart

Dr. Ingrid Nijholt (2006-2009, FP6 NeuroproMiSe and later RF Fellow), Groningen

Dr. Marcelo Massman, (2011-2012, Hersenstichting Fellow), Groningen

Dr. Ate Boerema, (2011-2015, Brain Menu), Groningen

Dr. Pieter Naudé (2012-2015 together with De Deyn, UMCG)

Dr. Ate Boerema (2016-2019) Memorabel Project

Dr. Natalia Orti Casan (2023-2024), Collaborative Project with BioNTech

Visiting scientist:

Dr. Pieter Naudé, University of Cape Town, South Africa (Memorabel projects 2016-2018, 2018-2022)

Dr. Ate Boerema, since 2019

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