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When are emotions related to group-based appraisals?: A comparison between group-based emotions and general group emotions

Mind the level: problems with two recent nation-level analyses in psychology

The socioecology of social class

Education-Based Status in Comparative Perspective: The Legitimization of Education as a Basis for Social Stratification

Educationism and the irony of meritocracy: Negative attitudes of higher educated people towards the less educated

Counteracting subliminal cues that threaten national identity

Disentangling Societal Discontent and Intergroup Threat: Explaining Actions Towards Refugees and Towards the State

Spatial agency bias and word order flexibility: A comparison of 14 European languages

Frustration-Affirmation? Thwarted Goals Motivate Compliance With Social Norms for Violence and Nonviolence

Ongenoegen, migratie, gastvrijheid en maatschappelijke onrust

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Politiek twee-zuilenland: de zuil van het optimisme versus de zuil van het ongenoegen

Trump is weg, risico op populist niet