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Estimating the time since admixture from phased and unphased molecular data

Modelling the spatial dynamics of oncolytic virotherapy in the presence of virus-resistant tumor cells

Resource sharing leads to the emergence of division of labour

Individual-based simulations of genome evolution with ancestry: The GenomeAdmixR R package

Nucleotide substitutions during speciation may explain substitution rate variation

Community structure of vascular epiphytes: A neutral perspective

Recombining Your Way Out of Trouble: The Genetic Architecture of Hybrid Fitness under Environmental Stress

A simple spatially explicit neutral model explains the range size distribution of reef fishes

Identifying hybrids & the genomics of hybridization: Mallards & American black ducks of Eastern North America

junctions R package

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Ants farm aphid clones in subterranean rooms

Ondergrondse veehouderij op Schiermonnikoog