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Adaptive Control of Dynamic Balance across the Adult Lifespan

Age-specific modulation of intermuscular beta coherence during gait before and after experimentally induced fatigue

Classification of Neurological Patients to Identify Fallers Based on Spatial-Temporal Gait Characteristics Measured by a Wearable Device

Do gait and muscle activation patterns change at middle-age during split-belt adaptation?

Effects of low- and high-intensity physical exercise on physical and cognitive function in older persons with dementia: A randomized controlled trial

Exercise Effects on Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life and Clinical-Motor Symptoms

Failure to Engage Neural Plasticity through Practice of a High-difficulty Task is Accompanied by Reduced Motor Skill Retention in Older Adults

Gait Analysis with Wearables Can Accurately Classify Fallers from Non-Fallers: A Step toward Better Management of Neurological Disorders

How age and surface inclination affect joint moment strategies to accelerate and decelerate individual leg joints during walking

The detection of age groups by dynamic gait outcomes using machine learning approaches

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