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How to find us prof. dr. S. (Sofia) Voutsaki

prof. dr. S. Voutsaki

Professor of Greek Archaeology
prof. dr. S. Voutsaki
+31 50 36 36726 (++ 31 50 3636726)

Teaching and supervising

Undergraduate courses: Aegean Prehistory, Art and Archaeology of Classical Greece, Archaeological theory.

Graduate courses: Archaeology Today, The Archaeology of Death, Death as a Mirror of Life, Heritage

 BA and MA theses:       On different topics in Aegean prehistory, Mortuary studies, Classical Archaeology, public archaeology, Heritage

PhD topics supervised:

- Mortuary practices in the Middle Helladic Argolid

- Domestic architecture and domestic assemblages in Early Helladic III – Late Helladic I mainland Greece

- Stable isotope analysis, diet and mobility in Early Iron Age Thessaly

- Changing Identities and mortuary practices in post-classical Patras, Peloponnese

- A bioarchaeological analysis of Mycenaean cemeteries in Achaia

- Minoan households

- Osteoarchaeological analysis of cemeteries in Roman Macedonia

- Osteoarchaeological analysis of cemeteries in Sparta and Kifissia, Attica

- Mortuary practices in MH western Greece

- The emergence of imagery in EH and MH southern mainland

- Animal husbandry in  Classical - Hellenistic - Roman Thessaly

- The use of pigs in LBA - EIA Aegean

- Osteoarchaeological analysis of cemeteries in Roman Beirut

- Osteoarchaeological analysis of cemeteries in Roman Pisidia, Turkey


Students interested in mortuary practices, the integration of archaeological data and scientific methods, the Greek mainland in the Bronze Age, Hellenistic and Roman Greece, public archaeology and the history of the discipline  can contact me to find out about possibilities to do a PhD in Groningen. Other topics can also be considered.

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Contact information

Poststraat 6
9712 ER Groningen
The Netherlands

Groningen Institute of Archaeology

Job title:
Professor of Greek Archaeology
Working hours:
Tuesday- Friday, 9.00-17.00
+31 50 36 36726 (++ 31 50 3636726)